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The Furious III
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Various sources
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas
Sonic X

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Jake The 2nd


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The Furious III (also known as The Furious Trilogy) is a full Story Based YTP Collab Series, which first came out as a YTP Tennis made by Official-PSASD he created for his pal CamHead in October of 2020. Then, later on in 2021 the Tennis eventually got owned by Jake The 2nd instead when it became a full YTP Series featuring the help of several people.


Mr. PlayStation, Cam and Jake (later joined with SwagPikachu) goes around defeating various bad guys like Iggy and Lemmy Koopa, Green Homer Simpson, Dr. Eggman, AniMat and more throughout 4 Chapters in separate cities, states, events and different universal dimensions in space.


Chapter 1 - Life's Barking Ruff

A 6-match of YTP Tennis that started it all focuses on a plumber named "Luigi" who comes to talk to a king called "King Windbag" who Princess Peach (a.k.a Toadstool) reported to him that he was being a bully to his Mushroom servant.

But, then all of it got interrupted when Iggy and Lemmy went to the castle and swooped up his wand. Luigi and King Windbag then fights for the wand until when two characters named "Mr. PlayStation" and "CamHead" (or Cam Dog as a fiction) both walked in and secondly got zapped by one of the Koopa Kids leaving them as dogs.

Cam seems to be fine being a Dalmatian. But, Mr. PlayStation saw himself as a Saint Bernard for the first time caused him to freaked out. Later on, Luigi and King Windbag tries to find the Koopalings that stole his wand. They went and searched up a building in which was a hotel and spotted the Koopalings who was throwing food and making a huge mess.

Chapter 2 - The Furious 3 Who Paved Christmas!


Chapter 3 - Furious 3x Faster




Side characters

  • Tony Rosato as Luigi
  • Dan Hennessey as King Windbag
  • TBA as TBA
  • Thet00nedl00n as Toony the Loon
  • TBA as TBA

* - Also use with Uberduck or different sources


  • TBA.