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The Hash Slinging Slasher was a zombie fish guy who used to be a fry cook of the krusty Krab before SpongeBob, except clumsier. He likes to kill, rape, and destroy everybody in his road.


The Hash Slinging Slasher had the job of kill people in Bikini Bottom and in the human world, he likes cut off the hands of his victims and make suffer them.

Skodwarde Squad

In the search of members, Moar Krabs founds him raping a faggot boy, Moar Krabs convinces him join the Skodwarde Squad, The Hash Slinging Slasher agreed with the condition of give him some victims to kill.


He started a rivalry with Walleo, in a battle hand to hand, The Hash Slinging Slasher was defeated by Walleo making him got a rage to the deformed Italian.


The Hash Slinging Slasher was killed by Wampa Krabs because he felt like it (what a douchebag...).


The Hash Slinging Slasher was a fish who cut off his own hand while working at the Krusty Krab. He came every Tuesday night, but since the Krusty Krab closes at 6:00pm, he had no one to scare.

However when Squidward and SpongeBob got the graveyard shift, Squidward warns SpongeBob of this psycho. Later, they got injured by this sadic killer, causing Mr.Krabs goes hysteric (Another reason for Mr.Krabs got insane in a future video.

Signs of Arrival

  • It have to be a Tuesday Night at 3:33 in the morning.
  • The lights will flicker on and off.
  • The Dragon Balls will be inert.
  • The toaster will be defective.
  • The walls will ooze spaghetti.
  • The phone will ring and they'll be somebody there.
  • The Buz will be arriving, and someone will be waiting for you.