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The Illuminati
The Illuminati as shown in a United States Dollar Banknote
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Originated as a secret organization
Origin Date May 1, 1776
Origins as a Meme
Originated on Urban Dictionary
Origin Date May 31, 2005
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The Illuminati is an obviously real secret organization that controls the entire planet. Most of the powerful figures in the world are in the Illuminati which helps contributes to its power. The most powerful tool of the Illuminati is Hollywood which gives them control over the culture of the western world.

All proven fact says that the Illuminati is real.


The Illuminati was founded by Bill Cipher in the year 420. However, he was the only member until 1776, when it became an official secret organization.

Associated organizations


They aren't alone, remember this. The Illuminati has many contacts to other allegedly unaware organizations:

108 blinker.gif


In order to confirm the Illuminati, you must identify it. Most secret Illuminati messages can be found in shapes of triangles, in which you can confirm them by putting the information together, as well as randomly combining phrases and stuff. Fun fact: It doesn't work.

Illuminati Videos

Here are some great videos that prove that multiple organizations are in fact, part of the Illuminati!

KFC is Illuminati

Google is Illuminati

Starbucks is Illuminati

PewDiePie is Illuminati!

And as a side note, this article is stupid.