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"I eat Little Babies. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet."
– The Love Licker's infamous quote

A Being, one of Horror and Nightmares.png
The Love Licker
Full Name Unknown
Aliases The Licker (A Resident Evil reference… how nice.)
The Little Baby’s Ice Cream Guy (The LBICG)
The Little Baby’s Ice Cream Demon (The LBICD)
The Guy who eats Little Babies
Satan's ice cream
The Frost Demon
A Being, one of Horror and Nightmares
Satan's creation
The human-ice cream hybrid
The Ice Cream Man/Demon
Background Information
Status Alive
Nationality Demon
Occupation An Employee at Little Baby's Ice Cream (formerly)

None (currently)

Alignment Evil (It doesn't like to be called that.)
Appearances The Little Baby’s Ice Cream commercials
Sexual Orientation Ice cream-sexual
Physical Description
Species Demon (mutated)
Gender Who knows?
Age Who cares?
Hair Color Ice cream
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Green (and bulging)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Satan (creator)
Enemies Unknown
Date Joined

The Love Licker, or The Little Baby’s Ice Cream Guy, was a man who stared in the commercials for The Little Baby's Ice Cream company is an evil demonic hellspawn that wants nothing more than to eat little babies while eating ice cream and staring into your soul. It was created by Satan so that it could torment small kiddies (although it’s doing a pretty good job at tormenting adults big kiddies, too).


The LBIC Demon (because writing Little Babies Ice Cream all the time is a pain in the Mama Luigi) was made in the year 666 by Hell’s calendar when Satan threw his ice cream leftovers in the icy rivers of The Cold (Hell). The frost mutagen in these rivers gave the leftovers a humanoid look that followed Satan all the way home. When it caught up to him, The Licker scared the Hell (ironically) out of Satan and his offspring (Yes, even them!). Impressed by this, Satan offered it a job of frightening infants in the human world (and in the YTP-verse, 'cause why not). The ice cream demon agreed with its eyes bulging.

Working at Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Perhaps the demon’s best known works are the LBIC commercials. How did a human-ice cream hybrid get a job in a human ice cream company? Simple! The dudes who worked there were blind as Hell (LOL! I said it again.). The cursed ads contain nightmare fuel cranked up to 11.000 ('cause 11 is too cute for them).

The first ad, "Love Lickers", features the demon holding a smaller version of itself in a cone, only for it to be revealed that it is also about to be eaten by a demon who looks just like it when the camera zooms out, and this cycle only stops to reveal a humanlike tongue about to lick the last being. "Love Lickers" is cursed mainly due to the "Ice Cream Man" having not only a very creepy smile, but also poor dental hygiene (its teeth are yellow as Sos). But also the fact that they're eating each other, and a giant tongue appears out of nowhere. The voiceover, while calm, is also pretty sensual for an ice cream commercial.

In the second ad, "This Is A Special Time", it is eating from his own head (I’m not joking! It's literally eating from ITS OWN HEAD.). It talks about how eating little babies keeps him healthy (although this was censored to say little baby’s ice cream) while a music box plays in reverse (More nightmare fuel… why not!). “This Is A Special Time" is cursed for many of the same reasons as "Love Lickers" is. The only difference is the added creepiness of the reversed music box in the background, along with "the man" eating himself, and only blinking once in the ad.

Due to how creepy af these “commercials” (These aren’t commercials!) were and because of complaints from Murica, Koridai and Gamelon, Little Baby's Ice Cream company closed permanently in 2019 (Hooray! We are saved! Right? RIGHT?).

After Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Despite being out of a job, The Licker wonders aimlessly in the YTP world, giving children the heebie-jeebies and killing anyone who gets in its way (Oh, come on! Weren't we tormented enough?). It hides in the dark corners of the internet, waiting for its unsuspecting victims and strikes when least expected. So, folks, lock your doors and barricade your windows. You never know what lurks in the darkness.

Powers and Abilities

  • Supernatural strength
  • Supernatural speed
  • Supernatural stamina
  • Supernatural durability
  • Supernatural healing and regeneration
  • Reality warping
  • Nightmare fuel inducement

Likes and Dislikes


  • Satan
  • Hell (The Cold realm)
  • Eating little babies
  • Eating ice cream/itself
  • Staring into your soul
  • Being licked
  • Scaring kids
  • Killing people


  • Not eating little babies
  • Being called evil
  • Not being licked


"Go ahead and lick something. We lick you very much. If you want to lick something, lick us. We love to lick. We lick to love. We're love lickers. Little Baby's Ice Cream. Ice Cream... is a FEELING!!!" - The Licker in "Love Lickers" ad.

"There’s good reason for my glistening skin. And how I shine. And how my pours are so clean, and clear. I eat Little Babies Baby's Ice Cream. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet. I spring from activity to activity. I love my job. I love my life. When you eat Little Babies Baby's Ice Cream, you’ll wink and nod and hug and high five each other with great enthusiasm. This is a special time. Little Baby's Ice Cream. Ice cream… is a FEELING!!!" - The Licker in "This Is A Special Time" ad.


  • The Licker may have ties with A Serbian Film (You know why!). It is also possible that the film was inspired by it (You know why that, too!).
  • The Licker doesn’t consider itself to be evil, despite the actions committed thus far (Yeah, right!).
  • Satan refferes to it as a creation rather than his son.
  • It gave Ganon, Duke Onkled, Megatron and Nostalgia Critic nightmares for three weeks straight (When they’re scarred, you know you should be, too.).
  • I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again… DO… NOT… WATCH… THESE… COMMERCIALS!!! Even if you are bored. Even if you are…ah screw it! You’re watching them right now, aren’t you?