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The Moon is a giant ball of tofu that was created about 100 years ago by the Chinese (with the help of Nightmare Moon) as a secret base. It is a living thing that is forced to circle the Earth, but it wants to smash its face straight down on the jerks that keep shining laser pointers at it. Unfortunately, it cannot, and must merely stare down in pure rage and malice.

It was once destroyed by Kefka just because he wanted.

Crash Landing on Termina

The Skull Kid called it down because it would somehow be fun to kill everybody and himself. The Moon, already close enough to destroy the area anyway, began it's descent which would took three days even though it was only about a mile high. Ultimately, it was thrown back into position by the Four Giants who, as is typical for gods, waited until the last second to do their fucking jobs.


Despite initial plans to make it a launch base, The Moon is now a chemical waste dump. It became uninhabitable to the life forms that lived on it, so they went to Earth and took over Nepal as their new home, killing it's population. The moon is also home to aliens which the Murican Government hid..and the remains of Apollo 18. Right now, Mung Daal is going to take the moon.


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