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The Mysterious Stranger (also called Satan 2.0) is a fake demon who thinks he's going to be the King of the Demons. He was born in the movie "The Adventures of Mark Tw*t". He's also the son of The Red Guy. Satan 2.0 has a serious rivalry with the Great Mighty Poo.


Satan 2.0 was created by Mark Tw*t during the World War II, unfortunately, the book where Satan 2.0 was trapped fell into the hands of The Red Guy. The Red Guy said a few of words and released Satan 2.0 from the book. The Mysterious Stranger proceeded to kill Mark Tw*t cutting him in half. Since then, The Mysterious Stranger was named the son of The Red Guy.

He with his friends Cthulhu, Hexxus, Black Hiver and Herobrine tortured Zalgo, the idiotic faggot from the hell for all the eternity. Satan 2.0 was beat one day by Tirek because he was jealous of him.

Actually, The Mysterios Stranger is working in the Labyrinth (I.M. Meen) like a rapist and faggot monster who destroys the mind of the kids who entire in this site.

Character Info


  • Torturing little kids
  • Reading poems
  • Playing video games
  • Killing people
  • Destroy the world




"Fools. What fascinations there are on this planet. Strange mortals with... curious customs. We'll have a storm now. And an earthquake if you like. You must stand aside... out of danger."
"I find you humans quite interesting, even though you are a worthless, greedy lot."
"Never mind them. People are of no value. We could make more sometime... if we need them."
"Life itself is only a vision. A dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you... are but a thought."


  • Satan 2.0 is a gay demon because he doesn't have a dick.
  • He was the killer of many kids in their dreams.
  • The Red Guy with Cthulhu and Herobrine rapes him everyday and he likes it.
  • He tried to invade Hyrule Castle but he failed in attempt by the fault of Ganon.