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The New Krusty Krab owned by Mr. Kraps is a standard food shack in the middle of New Bikini Bottom. It's similar to the Krab Krusty and some people (only those with very low IQs) even confuse it for the Krab Krusty.


Burgers there cost $56.99 and ScumBob works there all day in the kitchen and Slickward works as a cashier. But the kitchen is a mess there's a fryer full of god knows what and a freezer filled with people and fish (some still alive). Because he is greedy but besides that it's an okay eatery so Mr. Kraps is filthy rich because Patjerk Star always eats there.

Its near a big high way next to The New Chum Bucket. Its shaped like a giant crab trap. Its food is the Nasty Patty, the Frozen Krabby Patty (tastes bad because of the filler ingredient), Krusty Dogs, and also the Krap Patty. Mr. Kraps rarely cleans the kitchen. Lameton always tries to steal the secret formula so he can steal all of Mr. Kraps customers.

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