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The Park is a fucked up place where most shit from Regular Show takes place. The weirdest events happen at the park. There are several workers at the Park, most of whom are undergoing a mental breakdown. Benson runs the freak show in the park.

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The Park should've been been condemned multiple times but everyone is scared of Benson and doesn't want to die. For multiple years, it ran under Benson's control until MOAR Krabs overthrew him in 2030s. The park worsened after MOAR Krab's takeover. Everything became cheaper and pay was lowered to half a fucking penny.

As for the fags' at the park, they all died a few years later. The park was left to rot until World War 3.


  • Muscle Man => Groundskeeper
  • Skips => ???, keeps the place in check even though it never is
  • Benson => The boss man
  • Rigby => Shittiest groundskeeper
  • Mordecai => Same as Rigby
  • Hi 5 Ghost => Same as Muscle Man
  • Pops => Seriously weird fucker that helps run it.


  • Trailer => The "shit-wreck" that muscle man lives in
  • The House => The House...


  • Rigby was killed here when he pissed off Benson for the last time
  • Benson was killed when he tried to reclaim his position from MOAR Krabs
    • Despite that, Benson survived but he committed suicide a time later

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The Park was founded in 1776, the same time Bill Cipher founded the Illuminati. The Park joined Bill Cipher but left in 1807 after Skips beat the shit out of Bill. Skips built the park in hand to hand combat against Gigyas. Over time, the Park was built and Benson became the ruler. In 2030, MOAR Krabs took over the Park. In 2123, Skips was the only faggot left at the park and re-joined the Illuminati. In World War III, the park was Nuked.

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