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The Resistance is a unlawful group that are the 2nd Dimension counterpart of Phineas and Ferb's friends led by Candace-2 (Without the knowledge of her stepfather and real mother) fighting against Doofenshmirtz-2 and his family. They became a part of the Youtube Poop characters. After the betrayal of her brother Phineas-2, The Resistance became banned.

Candace-2 founded the Krusty Resistance after the betrayal of her brother Phineas-2 was working for Doofenshmirtz-2 but he banished him and took over Danville-2 unless he got busted.


  • Milo Murphy-2
  • Buford Van Storm-2
  • Melissa Chase-2
  • Zack Underwood-2
  • Walleo and Waweegee
  • Wario and Waluigi
  • WaWaMr. T
  • Nana and Mr. Chew
  • Angry German Kid's Father

Rejected Members

  • Phineas-2 (She was extremely protective at him and Ferb-2, she cut her brothers from her Resistance, but he betrayed her)
  • Ferb-2 (He was working for his stepbrother Phineas-2, but quitted his dictatorship and his stepsister's resistance)
  • Isabella-2 (She and her Firestorm Girls quitted Candace-2's resistance after her betrayal of her brothers)
  • Dr. Baljeet-2 (He quitted Candace-2's resistance too)
  • OWCA/ Major Monogram-2, Carl-2, and Monty-2, and the OWCA animal cyborg agents (They disqualified and banned Candace-2's Resistance after her betrayal of her brothers)
  • You
  • Linda-2
  • Lawrence-2
  • Stacy-2
  • Jenny-2
  • Irving-2, and Django-2