The Sky Had A Weegee!

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YouTube Poop The Sky Had A Weegee!-0

The Sky Had A Weegee! is an old SpongeBob SquarePants poop from Hurricoaster before his conversion from SpaDinner. This is also one of the most famous poops, consolidating his status as an important, influential pooper.

The Sky Had A Weegee was uploaded on November 11, 2009, though this was during a time when Viacom threatened to sue YouTube for alleged copyright infringement. Out of all videos that got blocked by many rights holders, this one managed to survive all the way through the current day.


The episode begins when SpongeBob yawns in his kitchen. He finds a box of Weegee and sprinkles it on his table. Weegee then says "You will die."

A Pokeball appears and then explodes in the kitchen. After the explosion, SpongeBob then shakes his box, causing a Weegee to fall from the sky. SpongeBob yells" Holy Sh**! Squidward! the sky had a Pokémon from my cereal box! Squidward! Squidward! the Sky had a Pokémon!" Squidward says "That's not a Pokemon. That's a Gay Luigi. Now Go Away!" Patrick comes and says Hey Mama! Squidward blames them but SpongeBob and Patrick show their hands as "clean" while holding knives and axes. "Clean". Squidward then starts climbing the rope and Patrick says "**** you!". As they climb, SpongeBob says "Shi-". Patrick then "SpongeBob, how long are you going to live in your little fantasy world." SpongeBob says "No, ship!". He then says it even has a spooky green glow and the ship appears pink. As they get on the ship, SpongeBob is figuring out who it belongs to while Squidward is "complaining" like a little pansy. Then the Flying Dutchman comes and SpongeBob says: "That's it! Squidward, this ship belongs to Squidward." SpongeBob then goes to say how Squidward wants to complain. The Dutchman burns Squidward. "No, wait, it was your Dinner he was insulting." The Dutchman continuously burns Squidward. Then, the Dutchman sends Squidward through the Fly of Despair forever.


(We see SpongeBob stretching loudly before he glances at his cereal)

SpongeBob: Hmm... "GAY LUIGI" with one of 8 essential gay prizes inside!

(SpongeBob dumps the entire cereal only to find a weegee)

Weegee: YOU WILL DIE. (turns into a bomb)

Man: WHAT THE FU- (explodes)

(start of YTP)

(SpongeBob tries to find the prize when a weegee drops on SpongeBob's pineapple)

SpongeBob: HOLY S*****! SQUIDWARD! (runs to the latter's house) The sky had a Pokemon from my cereal box! Squidward! (Squidward opens his window) Squidward, the sky had a Pokemon!

Squidward: That's not a Pokemon. That's a Gay Luigi. Now go away.

(Patrick arrives)

Patrick: Hey MAMA! The sky had a Pokemon!

SpongeBob: I know! What do you think we should name it?

Patrick: How about...

Squidward: Why don't you two climb the spaghetti rope? I'm sure it goes somewhere FAR away-

(anchor destroys Squidward's house)

SpongeBob: We didn't do it, Squidward. Our hands are CLEAN. (in possession of them are weapons)

Squidward: Well I'm gonna get to the bottom of this thing.

SpongeBob: F*** you- (Patrick threatens him by method of attack, Squidward groans) Ship!

Patrick: SpongeBob, how long are you gonna stay in your little fantasy world?

Squidward: Great, let's go! Now I can finally give this anchor dropper a piece of my DINNER. That's probably because its good-for-nothing owner is great. Let's go!

SpongeBob: Squidward, that ship has a spooky green glow around it...

Weegee: (appears) NO

Dutchman: I AM THE FLYING BOWSER! (thunder)

SpongeBob: That's it! Squidward, this ship belongs to Squidward!

Dutchman: NO! (cut) Insultin' a man's dinner be worse than insultin' his spaghetti!

(Dutchman burns Squidward in reverse)

Squidward: It's- (Dutchman burns Squidward) It burns! (Fire stops)

(next scene)

SpongeBob: Why do you think the Dutchman asked us to wait in our bunk room?

Patrick: Maybe he's gonna give us a reward!

SpongeBob: Like spaghetti?

Patrick: Or an oversized meatball?

(They start bouncing, but scream when Weegee appears)

Dutchman: Actually, I'm just gonna eat you. See you at dinner! (closes door)

(SpongeBob and Patrick start bouncing, but freeze when Weegee appears)

Man: Ugh...



The Sky Had a Weegee has been widely lauded as the grandfather of YTP, and it has been considered as a "nostalgia trip" for many. It's hard to describe how great this is, but here are some comments made by users (yes, these are real ones, not like in YouTube Rewind):

Truly a golden piece of entertainment.PattypooSirGuy7

Never in my life will I ever forget this comedy platinum.Retarded Mario

Today, it's not as funny, but it'll always be a classic.Nancy Davis

It would be so heartbreaking if B_Viacom[CBS] ended up blocking this legendary video right on the 10th anniversary of it (That being 11/11) Could you imagine?MeemaMeemer

Some users also felt that this YouTube Poop's creation can be attributed to the late-creator of SpongeBob, Stephen Hillenburg:

R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg. If it weren't for you, YTP would have never existed.Chameleon Breeze

Without Stephen Hillenburg, we wouldn’t have this.MrGarlicPress

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