• I think that Bowser should have another section describing him in the video games, not just the animated series.

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    • I almost feel like King Koopa should be given his own page under the guise of him being Bowser's brother King Morton Koopa Sr. Maybe he was overthrown by his brother following the events of the Super Mario World cartoon. After all, the modern games do not explicitly state the Koopalings to be Bowser's children, plus the YTP wiki is not exactly known for sticking to the source material.

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    • Are you two in favor of my idea or just the original post? It's fine if it's the latter. I just want to know.

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    • Both

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    • So what's the verdict?

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    • Sorry, I was waiting for Bramble to reply and then forgot about this.

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    • k

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      I like my idea because I'm an egotist like that. (Also, I think it'd be more appropriate than having two separate continuities.)
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    • [Refers back to the rules]

      I guess this passes since three different users voted in favor. Whoops.

      I'll get right on that page for Bowser in the games.

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    • Old thread and probably a necrobump, but this is important for future edits.

      I renamed the Bowser pages for the sake of simplicity.

      "Bowser" is now "King Koopa"


      "Bowser (Games)" is now simply "Bowser"

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    • Thanks, and don't worry about necrobumping. I would really not consider that a problem when it's about pages on the wiki rather than an argument (unless the former situation also resulted in a heated debate, but ehhh...)

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    • The reason I did this is because I came up with a possible timeline for Koopa family and for the Mario cartoon in general.

      What do you think of this...

      • King Koopa invades the Mushroom Kingdom and begins his occupation
      • Peach, Mario, Luigi and Toad begin their adventure (SMBSS)
      • With assistance from Hyrule, Mario drives Koopa back to Dark World
      • Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule split up the spoils of war, King Harkinian obtains Koopatraz and reopens it as Hyrule State Prison
      • King Koopa attempts to once again invade the Mushroom Kingdom, this time with the Koopalings (SMB3)
      • Bowser usurps Koopa and banishes him and his family to Dino World, where Mario and friends happened to be on vacation
      • King Koopa dies at the end of A Little Learning
      • The Koopalings return to Dark World to serve Bowser (and get their names changed?)
      • Hotel Mario
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    • At first, I didn't like this idea. Aside from providing a links to pages likeĀ Hyrule State Prison and King Harkinian, I don't see a need to change the Bowser page's timeline in this way. However, upon closer examination, I will admit there's a plot hole in the current version of the page in that Mario and Luigi arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. Super Show (which means King Koopa attacked Peach/Toadstool before Bowser did in the continuity of the wiki). I guess we could have a compromise timeline like this:

      • Super Mario Bros. Super Show (where Hyrule assists in driving King Koopa away)
      • Super Mario Bros. 1 (Bowser attacks)
      • Super Mario Bros. 2 USA (Mario dreams of Peach actually being useful)
      • Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (King Koopa returns)
      • Super Mario World the cartoon (King Koopa dies, and the Koopalings leave to serve their uncle Bowser, and many of them change their names because they always hated their respective names)
      • Super Mario Bros. 3 the game (Bowser returns alongside the Koopalings)
      • Super Mario World the game (Bowser attacks one last time before banishing his brother and his kids to Dino Land)
      • Hotel Mario (see below in regards to Fat Mario and Gay Luigi. Also, we should probably change the image in the infobox on King Koopa's page since that Bowser resembles the Bowser from the games more)
      • Super Mario Sunshine (King Boo references his plan for Luigi's Mansion)
      • Luigi's Mansion (unrelated to either Bowser since the Bowser from this game is a robot made by King Boo)
      • New Super Mario Bros. (Bowser Jr. attempts to make up for his father Bowser's failure in Sunshine)
      • Super Mario 64 (the DS remake references Luigi's Mansion)
      • Super Mario Odyssey (since it makes better storytelling for Mario to explore the planet before traveling into space. Also, in the wiki canon, Peach accepts Mario's proposal before eventually divorcing him)
      • Super Mario Galaxy (makes references to other YTP World characters)
      • New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Bowser becoming giant leads to his idea to use Grand Stars to stay giant)
      • Super Mario Galaxy 2
      • New Super Mario Bros. 2
      • New Super Mario Bros. U
      • Super Mario 3D Land
      • Super Mario 3D World (end of timeline because Peach is now independent

      On the note of Hotel Mario, I really think we should straighten out the Fat Mario and Gay Luigi ordeal. Some pages say they're Mario and Luigi acting in a movie while the page on the "Order of the Hotels" religion (I forgot what Nep called it) state that Fat Mario and Gay Luigi are different people who existed decades ago (though they might still be alive). I pitched an idea to Deathly Trooper an idea about this to Deathly Trooper, but he wasn't crazy about it since I couldn't come up with any jokes.

      Tangent: Honestly, I think we need to give up on having religions on the wiki altogether (at least on canon pages). Since characters have died and come back, it would make more sense if we established a canonical explanation for what happens when a character dies.

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    • Looks good. My timeline was only incomplete because it was only meant to cover the changes I was planning on making.

      Where can I find this idea you had about Fat Mario and Gay Luigi?

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    • I didn't have it all figured out, so it's lacking in humor (it was just a proposition), but here's the link: Thread:79861!

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    • Hmm... Well I don't suppose this really needs an in depth explanation. I mean, you could just say that the Marios and Luigis keep popping up and nobody has a clue why.

      Or if you really want to go with the time travel thing, maybe come up for a silly reason for them to go back in time: For example...

      George the Volcano erupts, turning the Mushroom Kingdom into a wasteland while the whole world slowly dies from the poisonous ash. So Mario and Luigi sell their sould to The Red Guy in order to travel to the distant past and defeat the volcano when it was still weak. When they come back to future, they find that everything is the way it should, except that those random cavewomen they boned in the past got pregnant and created a hole bloodline of Marios and Luigis.

      Okay that turned out to be longer than I thought, but you get what I mean, something like that.

      Personally, I'd go with the previous scenario and just leave it all a mystery, except for a hint that The Red Guy has something to do with it.

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    • I think we could use that if we just wrote out the part about the end of the world.

      One day, Mario and Luigi sold their souls to the Red Guy for a time machine to bang prostitutes across time. Since the duo never learned how to use a condom, this might explain all the Mario- and Luigi-lookalikes throughout history.

      I might also reference this on Eddy's page (which talks about the character's ancestry) if I can come up with a joke there. Sorry for taking so long to reply by the way. I wasn't able to reply right away yesterday, and then I forgot to when I had free time.

      EDIT: This could be viewed as OP, so maybe it be appropriate to have a joke as to why Mario doesn't use this time machine for all his problems (in the trivia section). Something like, Mario and Luigi became so accustomed to using the time machine for sex that they almost universally forget they can use it for other problems they may have.

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