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Toy Story 2 - Andy Strikes Back is a YouTube Poop by


YTP Toy Story 2 - Andy Strikes Back

FriskyBeavers, released on May 16, 2018.


Buzz Lightyear fells into the space and Screams, and using his wings, he goes fast flying and lands on a planet 8 times. and he crouches back and forward firing the laser and someone says "PISTOLS!" and his laser bounces to Zurg's Robots and explodes to make him fly in space. Then he exploded and he looks at Zurg's robot parts and he runs away, camera is shocked and he finally defeats it. Now he is in Zurg's trap, the spikes are shown, and now its coming towards to Buzz Lightyear, he runs away from the spikes and he died by the spikes. He stepped on a pod and fell down and pushes the unity belt button to fly him back to the platform. Zurg says "sos" to Buzz Lightyear for the last time. He got shoted by Zurg and laughed. Rex loses the game and Buzz Lightyear tell him to Calm Down. Woody tries to find his hat, Rex looks at him and Woody hurt his head and he fell down to the ground. Buzz Lightyear and Rex looks at him after falling down into the ground. He came down and went to Woody to tell him he's alright. Woody told him he's alright. Woody can't find his hat anywhere. Buzz Lightyear dosen't worry Woody to find his hat everywhere. Shark says "i'm Woody! Howdy Howdy Howdy!" While Andy is hold him, Andy's Mom told him 5 minutes and we're leaving. Andy takes Woody to Al's home where Woody's Roundup is collected. it says "Please spare my channel YouTube". Woody rolled like a ball and he stopped, Jessie welcomes him to Al's home. Bullseye puts a VHS, Jessie pushes a button on a remote and Woody looks at tv and watches The Mask. In Al's Toy Barn, 2 Buzz Lightyears have a fight and turns him to a statue. At Al's Home, 2 Buzz Lightyears say "I'm Buzz Lightyear!" & "I'm!" Buzz Lightyear tells Woody he's a imposter. Zurg tells Buzz Lightyear for a last time and he starts shooting a him. He fires laser to burn Zurg's eyes. He throws disks at him, but he blocked it! He says "I'll giving in, You killed my father!" Zurg said to Buzz Lightyear, "No Buzz.". Rex can't look and slaps Zurg and Slipped, then he fell down. Rex is happy because he deafted Zurg.


  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Sheriff Woody
  • Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Rex
  • Andy
  • Jessie
  • Bullseye
  • Stinky Pete


  • System of a down - Chop Suey
  • Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
  • Evil Morty Theme
  • Yes - Roundabout