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DO NOT BE MISTAKEN. This is Tubby!

Tubby Star (not to be confused with Patrick Star) is a growing meme on the internet, and is starting to be seen on YouTube Poops (ex. 95Shade). He enjoyed murdering people. He befriended Weegee, and together they formed an allience.


Tubby's name originally came from the episode "No Weenies Allowed," in which SpongeBob tried to get into the Salty Spitoon by fake-fighting with Patrick, and he called him Tubby.  Patrick got mad and punchced SpongeBob, which most likely contributed to the popularity of the meme.

The image was from The SBSP Movie.  Patrick made this face when he and S-Bob witnessed their Krappy Mobile get eaten by a frigging frogfish. And then by a giant eel.


Unlike Patrick Star, Tubby is smart (a genius). He doesn't move, talk, or do anything! He doesn't need to, he can control things (and people) with his mind. He is evil and will do anything in his power to bring down The Cursed One. He also likes to fuck people (literally, he's a rapist. If you're wondering how he can rape people is he doesn't move... well we are too human to understand why he would use his telekinetic powers to control sex toys).

Likes and Dislikes




  • A possible theory of why Patrick and Tubby looks so much alike is that Tubby is Patrick's evil twin.
  • Tubby wears Patrick's clothes so friends of Patrick would think he's Patrick and they would fall into his trap.
  • He's one of the only evil aquatic monsters/mutants that are not part of the Skodwarde Squad.
  • Tubby does not like being called by his name by anybody.  Anyone who does, usually gets flattened by a million Epic Head Bobbing Guys summoned by yours truly. 
  • He died in his sleep but was revived by the Teletubbies a few years later in January 2016 and is now immortal.
  • Tubby does not like Teletubbies.
  • Tubby is similar to Big Fat Meanie