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Ursula is the main antagonist of Spingebill's Adventures Of The Little Mermaid. She is one of Skodwarde's aunts.

Background History

Ursula once lived in Atlantica with her brother Triton. They had a fantastical feast, suddenly her brother Triton was crowned sea king of Atlantica, Ursula was pissed off because she wanted that power. So she plots to overthrow the king so she can have all the power to herself, But unfortunately, she failed to overthrow Triton and she got kicked out of Atlantica forever. She now lives in the Leviathan with Flotsam and Jetsam.

Criminal Records

In August 3, 1962 she vandalized the Bus stop with her axe, and she destroyed it, suddenly the cops caught her doing it and she was put in jail. In July 5, 1977 She shoplifted at the mall by stealing jewelry and some electronic stuff, but the mall cops saw her stealing and they had her arrested for doing it. In April 20, 2005 She molested Shanti with her tentacles. But Shanti escapes from Ursula and she told her father about this, and her father called the police and arrested her. On December 23, 2005, She kidnapped Wilbur the pig and takes him to the woods to rape him. Fortunately for Wilbur, Homer Zuckerman and his friends caught her in the act, Zuckerman called the police and they arrested her.


Being Evil



Taco Bell

Ariel's Voice

Stealing people's voices



Singing Poor Unfortunate Souls




Helpless Kids




Wampa Krabs


King Triton


Prince Eric





She is Skodwarde's aunt

She usually doesn't get so many customers because many fear that she will rape their children

She loves crackpots