Ushrom (born August 17, 1964, age 52) is a Gamelonean curiosity shopkeeper. He runs his small business on the island selling homemade lamp oil, ropes, and bombs.


Uhsrom was born in Gamelon. During his childhood, Ushrom used to masturbate seeing himself in a mirror and just using his left foot (what a bastard). Ushrom is also Morshu's archenemy in the traveler's supplies industry. Unlike Morshu, Ushrom does not sell any weapons other than bombs that usually don't work, he instead profits from selling stolen goods. He is also possibly related to I.M. Meen.

Getting Egged

Every day Tails, Morshu's employee, eggs Ushrom's store in order to please Morshu and his shop and get rid of Ushrom and his shop.