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VIDYA GAEMS are software (and in some rare cases devices) that people use to touch entertain themselves with. Some are handheld, some are played on the TV screen.


Since all video gamers are autistic, YouTube is the perfect place to go show off. You seriously can't view the home page without seeing 20 minute-long review of a game that everybody already has an opinion on, or has already reviewed.

There are many famous video game reviewers such as AVGN or JonTron who review old or bad games for a living. People find these videos funny and continue to watch, and many YTPs contain them.

YouTube Poop

The CD-i games were notorious for their horribly acted and animated cutscenes, so YouTube Poopers would downolad these cutscenes and make their own creative and original remixes. The CD-i games are not alone on this, games such as I.M. Meen or Chill Manor can also be used.

As for popular games like Super Mario Bros. or Pokémon, poopers like to slap on references to their favorite games. This has become popularly common, especially in SpongeBob and My Little Pony poops. Expect to see the moon from Majora's Mask and pipes all over the place.

The Life Of A Gamer

You are browsing IGN making sure everyone there has the same opinion as you. You look at the news section and find out that the 17th title of your 4th favorite series is being released not even a year after the 16th. Squealing with exitement, you run to your bathroom, grab your semen stained Game Informer magazine, and browse through pages and pages of biased and opinionated nonsense to find out that was no information on this at all. You go back to IGN, masturbating to pictures of Konata on the way, and find out that the post was a hoax and you've fallen for it for the 50th time in a row. In fact, the series was discontinued because the creators got tired of making the same shit over and over again. After swallowing your sadness, you go to all over the internet making an effort to save your beloved series with your fellow government milkers, but to no avail. Finally, you back to the news section of IGN and the process starts all over agin. THIS IS YOUR LIFE.