Article Deletion


This is an overview of the policy on deleting articles. There are three categories of article deletion: "Instant Deletion," "Standards Deletion," and "Quality Deletion."

Instant Deletion

Articles in this category will be deleted without notice. Some may even carry punishment if they are done repeatedly.

  • They consist mainly of Spam. (See WP:Spam)
  • They do not contain a complete sentence.
  • They are duplicates of other articles.
  • They violate the global rules of Wikia.
  • Plagiarism is done in mass.
  • The article is created with the intent of self-promoting the YouTube channel of the article's creator. If the article is high quality, however, a waiver may be granted by an admin. See below for full explanation.
  • The article isn't located within the mainspace; in other words, the article is on a user's userpage or blog.

Standards Deletion

Standards Deletion is to keep a high quality of articles on the wiki. If it does not meet standards, the Delete template will be placed and if the changes demanded are not made in 24 hours, the page can be deleted.

Here are the standards articles are required to meet to avoid deletion:

  • At least five full sentences. Exceptions can be made like for ironic purposes.
  • Decent grammar.
  • Decent formatting.

Pages consisting of less than fifteen sentences can still be marked with a Stub template.

Quality Deletion

A quality deletion happened when the majority of admins agree that a specific article doesn't contribute anything of good value to the wiki. This could be becuase it is lacking in comedic or other purposes, or does not have a purpose fitting for the wiki (unrelated or unsatatirical articles). This can result in an instant deletion.


As stated above, articles for self-promotion are typically not allowed. However, if a user's channel meets the following qualifications, their page will be permitted.

  • At least 50,000 total video views, or one video with over 10,000 views
  • At least 3,000 subscribers
  • At least ten YouTube Poops with effort put into them.
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