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This is an overview of this wiki's rules regarding the Wiki's canon.

What is Canon

The canon is what the YouTube Poop Wiki recognizes as actually happening in The YouTube Poop World. If an article is non-canon, any events that happen in said article doesn't line up with the rest of the wiki. The Canon stems from the Timeline article, meaning anything that conflicts with the Timeline isn't canon.

Canon Moderators

It is the deuty of the Canon Moderators to look after the canon to ensure everything remains consitant. Canon Moderators and admins are the only people allowed to add or remove the {{NonCanon}} template from articles. They are also the only ones allowed to edit the Timeline.


Any article that conflicts with the Timeline will be declared non-canon, unless specified to be in an alternate dimension recognized as canon. It is the job of Canon Moderators to review articles and spot any such conflictions.

Additionally, an article will become non-canon if the character in the article is decidedly overpowered without a justifiable reason.

If an article is declared non-canon by a Canon Moderator, it is their job to add add {{NonCanon}} article to the top of the article. 

If a user's article is declared non-canon, there are three options to bring it back into the canon:

  1. REVIEW: If the user feels the article was declared non-canon when it doesn't contradict the Timeline, they can ask an admin to review their article. If the admin finds the article doesn't conflict with the Timeline, the article will be declared canon again.
  2. CHANGE: If the article conflicts with the Timeline, the user can change their article so it fits with the Timeline and then contact an admin to review their article.
  3. COURT: The user can create a court thread asking the Timeline be changed to fit the information given in their article. If the court passes, the Timeline will be changed and the article will become canon.


If an article is specified to exist in an alternate dimension, it can be canon even if it conflict with the Timeline if the Dimension is Canon.

For a Dimension to be recognized as canon, it needs to meet the following three requirements:

  1. At least four articles based in said dimension. One of these articles has to be about the dimension itself.
  2. The article about the dimension itself must be used as a central hub to that contains the events of the dimension similar how the Timeline article works for the Prime Dimension in canon. This article CAN'T be a stub and must have adequate grammar.
  3. There can't be any major contradictions with articles set inside the dimension.

If all three conditions are met, the user should go to the Court and apply to have it recognized as canon. This will be decide by a majority vote from the community.

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