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This is how the wiki operates. It is the basic policy, or as some may say, a "constitution".

Changing/Amending Rules

The YTP Wiki once had a "democratic" system was that was used for rulemaking between early 2015 and the middle of 2018 but this system proved to be too inefficient and overly bureaucratic so the system was abandoned in favor of letting staff discuss and change the rules by themselves.

If there's a rule change, a staff member will make an announcement about it.


The court is one of the more important boards. It is quite versatile, and does a variety of stuff:

  • Handles disputes about the content of articles.
  • Discusses the banning of users.

Most users can vote using Template:Vote and the side getting the most votes is the ruling.

Any votes considered "dumb" can be gone over by the admins. If at least half of the admins say so, then the vote will be invalidated. A vote is only considered dumb if:

  • It is out of context or irrelevant to the court vote at hand, or...
  • It violates WP:Spam.

Similarly to proposals, a court decision can pass after 24 hours if three or more users have voted, after 14 days if two users have voted, and will automatically fail after 14 days if one user has voted. Should a court vote be tied, it may be left alone for no less than a month, and then failed by an admin.


  • Only mini-admins or above can create threads about banning users.
    • The user must have broken a rule and proof must exist.
  • The court cannot make an action against someone that does not say or do something that violates a rule in a solid way.
  • In order to be eligible to vote, a user must have been around for at least a week and have 25 good faith edits


Getting promoted is done using an election process. However, a user must also meet the requirements. There are exceptions, but they are good guidelines:

  • Rollback/Chat/Forum mod:
    • 3 months of activity
    • 250 edits
    • 14 consecutive days of activity
    • At least one good page
  • Mini admin:
    • 6 months of activity
    • 600 edits
    • 30 consecutive days of activity
    • Contribution to community
  • Admin:
    • 1 year of activity
    • 2,000 edits
    • 60 consecutive days of activity
    • All of above
  • Bureaucrat:
    • 2 years of activity
    • 5,000 edits
    • 100 consecutive days of activity
    • All of above

If more users support you than oppose you, and you meet the requirements, a Bureaucrat is advised to promote you.

You can be demoted by either a court order, a 75% vote under the promotions board, or being inactive for over a year.

Username Coloration

Depending on your user rights, you can request an admin to give you a colored username according to the guidelines as follows:

User Rights Text Color Outline Text Size Additional Formatting Font
No rights None None Normal No Default
3 months + 250 edits, no rights Solid, 1 custom color None Normal None Default
1 basic right Solid, 1 custom color Standard (1px black) 100% to 110% None Default
2 basic rights Solid, 1 custom color Standard (1px black), optional 95% to 120% Bold (optional) Default
3 basic rights Solid 1 color, or gradient of up to 2 colors Can choose color (1px), optional 90% to 140% Bold (optional), Italic (optional), Underline (optional) Helvetica, Courier New, Times New Roman, or any available type of Helvetica Neue
4 basic rights (Mini-admin) Solid 1 color, or gradient of up to 3 colors Can choose color (1px), optional 80% to 180% Bold (optional), italic (optional), underlined (optional), strikethrough (optional), Shadow (optional, black or darkened version of username color), Glow (optional, username color, up to 10px) Any fonts readable by the leader
Admin Any Any Any Any Any
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