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WTF BOOM! is a sound/video clip that was used like hell in selected YouTube Poops. The clip is from the Steve Moustache Show with The Million Dollar Man (Ted Dibiase) screaming "WHAT THE FU-'" but that phrase is interrupted with a nuclear explosion, Mega64 himself from Mega64's Cold Fear Ad saying "BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!" paired with a clip taken from the music video to the song "Do the Evolution" by Pearl Jam, depicting a skeleton pilot laughing.

Use in other videos

  • The WTF BOOM! meme was used in GoldenArmor's 2 Minecraft videos named Top 5 Traps Against a Pro (September 21, 2014) and Best 5 Traps to kill a Noob in Minecraft (September 24, 2014) in which after the screaming phrase of "WHAT THE FU-", it is interrupted by a clip from a nuclear explosion video while the "BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!" sound effect is playing.
Original WTF boom HQ

Original WTF boom HQ



  • Shrek WTF BOOM

    Shrek WTF BOOM

    Shrek finds a Dynamite and he says <u>WHAT THE FU-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    It was once used in nearly all of Thechairman45's videos. After he started uploading better ones, he took down all of the old ones when he realized how crappy they were.
    Spongebob WTF BOOM Montage

    Spongebob WTF BOOM Montage

    SpongeBob scenes is full of WTF BOOMS.

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