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What happens when Weegee and Malleo visit Squidward-2

What happens when Weegee and Malleo visit Squidward is an old SpongeBob SquarePants poop from blahblahblehblehbleh. This is a fairly popular poop and one of the most popular poops revolving around Squidward's House along with "The Annoying Orange Drops By Squidward's House", "Squidward has a screaming sparta remix!", and "Mama Luigi Drops by Squidward's House".

What happens when Weegee and Malleo visit Squidward was uploaded on November 21, 2009, though this was during a time when Viacom threatened to sue YouTube for alleged copyright infringement. Out of all videos that got blocked by many rights holders, this one managed to survive all the way through the current day.


The video begins with Squidward on the window saying "Don't they know I'm-" in his bathtub, then when he turns around to see Malleo and Weegee, he screams. The camera spins counter-clockwise on Squidward screaming twice, then focuses on Malleo and Weegee, then to all three. Malleo and Weegee's eyebrows were suddenly edited and Squidward was screaming for a few more seconds. Weegee throws a spaghetti at Squidward's face to shut Squidward up, then Squidward continues screaming in a muffled tone, then Malleo and Weegee's edited eyebrows were suddenly removed. Squidward managed to scream enough to make his scream throw back the spaghetti at Weegee, eventually knocking Weegee out, even though his scream continued to be muffled for a second. The video ends with the yellow "Subscribe" button approaching and with a kid saying "duh-duh-duh, duh-du-du-du-duh duh" simultaneously.


Squidward: Don't they know I'm-
[Squidward turns around, facing at Malleo and Weegee]
[Squidward continuously screams]
[Malleo and Weegee stare at him awkwardly, then Weegee grabs a spaghetti and throws it at his face]
Weegee: Spaghetti!
[Squidward continously screams but in a muffled tone]
[Malleo and Weegee's eyebrows are removed, then Squidward's face throws back the spaghetti at Weegee]
[As the clip ends, the subscribe button appears]
blahblahblehblehbleh (possibly): duh-duh-duh, duh-du-du-du-duh duh.


  • Unlike most videos/clips of Squidward's House, Squidward's screaming was higher-pitched.