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Woody Gets Kidnapped by a Fat Guy
Woody with other guys.jpg

Primary source

Toy Story 2

Made by

TD Production

Upload date

May 1, 2021


YTP - Woody Gets Kidnapped by a Fat Guy-2

Woody Gets kidnapped by a Fat Guy is a YTP created by TD Production. it's the fourth video of the Kuzko Arc, the video was uploaded in May 1, 2021. currently it's the second most viewed video of his channel.


The fourth chapter of The Kuzco Arc is here! Enjoy!

Summary: After Woody break is arm and failed to save a penguin with aids, he gets kidnapped by a fat guy who's planning on selling him to Emperor Kuzco for is Toy Museum. While captive, Woody will try to escape from the apartment and other stupid cowboy toys. Meanwhile, Buzz and other random toys are going on a quest to save Woody. And boy... things sure do happens.




This is happen if andy see his toys alive