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The Wumbo Calendar is a variant of the calendar created by the Gods of YTP. Equestria and Hyrule continue to use it to this day, but it was discontinued in 2015 (WC: 5015) elsewhere.


The years of the Wumbo Calendar starts from the day Weegee became the leader of the Gods of YTP. The year is Template:CYTPY. By coincidence, Jesus Christ was born on the first day of 3000.


The countries that use the WC point a few advantages. The one that has been confirmed in Wumbology Studies is that it makes the world seem in the future, citing 0.69% of people in Hyrule, the largest country with the WC, believe they are in the future. Only an average of 0.04% of Germans, French, and British people think they are in the future, and they use CE.