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YTPM - Woodee spills invisable ink and blames Code-D and Mr Krarbs
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YTPM season



Mario Toy shorts Daddyofive Hotel Mario

Music Track

"Back in Time - Sonic R"

Upload Date

19th May, 2017

Woodee spills invisable ink and blames Code-D and Mr Krarbs is a YouTube Movie by youtuber Mario Obsessed uploaded on the 19th of May, 2017. It poops Mario Toy shorts (Mario Obsessed's YouTube series), DaddyoFive and Hotel Mario. The movie is 23 minutes in length.


The YouTube Poop Movie tells three plots happening simultaneously:

Maryoh Toi gets trapped under trash. Meanwhile, CD-I Maryoh and CD-I Luweegee must go after Bowzer after he, Gay Luigi and the koopalings had taken over the money and, most importantly, the spaghetti. Meanwhile, Woodee spills invisible ink over Code-D's bedroom carpet. DaddyoFive and MommyoFive believe it is him and Mr Krarbs who did it. In the mean time, Code-D has to go through hell.


As with most Mario Obsessed YTPs the characters are spelled out like how they are pronounced, mostly likely for deliberate stupidity.

  • Towed Toi (Toad Toy [Mario Toy shorts])
  • Maryoh Toi (Mario Toy [Mario Toy shorts])
  • Waryoh Toi (Wario Toy [Mario Toy shorts])
  • Luweegee Toi (Luigi Toy [Mario Toy shorts])
  • CD-I Maryoh (Mario [Hotel Mario])
  • CD-I Luweegee (Luigi [Hotel Mario])
  • Bowzer (Bowser [Hotel Mario])
  • The Prinssess (Princess Toadstool [Hotel Mario])
  • The Koopalings (The Koopalings [Hotel Mario])
  • Gay Luigi (Luigi [Hotel Mario])
  • Mr Krarbs (Mr. Krabs [OH YEAH MR KRABS!])
  • DaddyoFive
  • MommyoFive [DaddyoFive]
  • Code-D (Cody [DaddyoFive])
  • Ryanne (Ryan [DaddyoFive])
  • Emmah (Emma [DaddyoFive])
  • Jayc (Jake [DaddyoFive])
  • AlX (Alex [DaddyoFive])


  • During the prologue, it corrects DaddyoFive to DaddyoThree. This is a reference to the fact that Cody and Emama, two of Mike's five children, were given back to their biological mother after the invisible ink incident, leaving the family with three children.
  • The main YTPed Mario Toy shorts episode was "Trapped!!" which was the most recent episode on the channel when this YTPM was uploaded.
  • A sneak peak was uploaded onto the Mario Obsessed YouTube channel a few days before the full version was uploaded. It was the music section of the video.
  • The music section features "Back in time," a song used in the SEGA game "Sonic R."
  • The DaddyoFive video "Invisible Ink Prank" was more than likely YTPed because the DaddyoFive exposing that occurred a few weeks before the YTP went into production.
  • The creator was originally going to make this a YTPFLM (YouTube Poop Full Length Movie), his own YTP genre that would have been made up of one hour of video. However, the end movie was shortened to 20 minutes and classified as a standard YouTube Poop Movie.


  • Some songs/clips are not credited in the credits at the end.
  • Electricity is misspelled as "Electicity".