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YTP - The Numberjacks expose DaddyoFive Part 1



YTP Series


Main Sources

The Numberjacks, DaddyoFive

Run Time

5 minutes

Upload Date

10th June, 2017

YTP - The Numberjacks expose DaddyoFive Part 1 is the fifth YTP by Mario Obsessed. It is a YouTube Poop of The Numberjacks, a British Kids show. The video is the first YTP by Mario Obsessed to have the YTP intro and to be monetised by the company that made the show (technically it got a copyright not but not blocked).

Full Story

3 finds 6 who is going into Wendy's Hotel. She notices that he has a spaghetti block that can take over the Mushroom Kingdom. 6 does an example and his spaghetti block transforms in a very sexual way. 3 attempt it but it doesn't do it very good. It transforms into something different and 3 calls it a "Peaceful Koopa's R Princess". The other two blocks do the same. However, one turns more gayer and it causes another one to quickly roll into theme. The Warning signal goes off and everyone heads to the main console. An incoming call from Agent 4444444444 comes in. She tells them to look at "this boy" and 4 puts it on screen. It displays Code-D and AlX being yelled at by DaddyoFive. 5 is sent out.


  • This YTP, its second part and the first YTP movie by the creator were uploaded during the DaddyoFive situation.