Doctor: I'm afraid you have one year to live.

Patient: No! *shoots himself*

(the title theme plays the sims 2)


Woman: I'm not racist, pony

Pony: Okay.


Man: I baked you a pie!

Kid: Oh, boy! What flavor?

Man: Time flavor.

(a time pops out of the pie while electric guitar music plays)


Happy Father: My beautiful BITCH!

(baby crush)

(R.I.P Baby Died from Squashing 2019)


Narrator: And now... Dogs.

(sea crowling)

Dog 1: Dog.

(Quickly transitioning through voices)

Dog 2: I was JUST about to say that.

Dog 1: Are you serious?

Dog 2: Totally.

Dog 1: Oh, that's spooky.

Dog 2: We are so in sync.


Guy 1: Hey. it says 'I Stole Your Lungs' on the ceiling.

(guy 2 looks up, the ceiling says 'I stole your lungs')

Guy 2: Hmm, so it-- ah, you stole my lungs.

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