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YTP Tennis is a variant of YTP that involves (usually) two or more people remixing the same video over and over again in a progressive manner. While it doesn't have as big a following as YTP itself, there is still quite the cult following for it and has its own community.

YTPsource vs Imaperson

YTPsource vs Imaperson. Imaperson

A older, classic match of TheChutley (YTPSource) vs Imaperson.


The first tennis game was played between conradslater and misslaineous10 in 2007. The match was played on YouChew along with many others of the time, before eventually spreading to the general knowledge of the YTP community.

Conradslater vs misslaineous10, the first tennis match ever.

Conradslater vs misslaineous10, the first tennis match ever.. Misselaneous10 (2007)

The first tennis match ever.

Since then, the sport has highly progressed and helped shape YTP as we know it today.

YTP tennis has a large slew of sources common throughout, however not every source used in tennis is used in YTP, and vice versa. Good examples of this are sources like Michael Rosen, which are quite common in YTP but not in tennis nearly as much.

The tennis community also has their own 'tennis staff' which help maintain the sport and give it new life. As of the time or writing, the current tennis staff are VidTens443, mrdoognoog, Metroid998 and Zekii.

Many well known tennis players across the years include RabbitSnore, Moogle, GameBop, Mycroprocessor, dew, CorruptionSound, TheChutley, and dozens more.

TL4 Finale Match

TL4 Finale Match

The last match of the Tennis League 4 Tournament.

Over the years there have also been many tennis tournaments, where players will duke it out to see who can play better than the other, while still having fun. The most recent tournament was the Tennis League 5, played between 2019 and 2020. There have also been tournaments, like the Match Voting Tournament of 2016, where players vote on which match they liked more instead of individual players, more prioritizing working together rather than apart.


Since YTPTs are layered on top (YTPs of YTPs), they contain much more editing than a typical YTP. Tennis rounds will get more and more complex as more and more edits are layered on. Most 'matches' go to six rounds, however sometimes they may go for more or less.

Tennis editing techniques as a result of this can either be "constructive" or "destructive".

  • Constructive tennis is when you add on to previous ideas to make them better or open them up for new ideas. It was much more common in the early days of tennis but is slowly making a comeback.
  • Destructive tennis is when you destroy the previous segment, often done in a colorful manner. It has been much more popular in recent years however it has also shown that constant destruction, while looking cool, isn't as fun to play and gets repetitive after a while.

How to Play Tennis

Unlike any other YouTube Poop type tennis is a bit more complicated, but easy once you get it!


  • To start a match. Ask someone you want to play if they'd like to tennis. If they say yes, you may start! It's recommended for you to serve, but they can also start as well.
  • One person makes a YTP, called the 'serve'. The serve is open-ended so that the opponent can respond to any ideas put in.
  • Next, the next person makes a YTP of that YTP, and it is recommended that:
    • At least one of the edits must contain an outside source.
    • Edits "construct" on the previous ideas, so that not only is there more to work with, it gives a sense of progression as well.
  • Repeat until all rounds are finished, or in the case of infinite matches, everyone gives up.

Following these rules, tennis can be a great way to collaborate with others and make new friends in the community.

Tennis Lingo

  • A "serve" is the first round.
  • A "volley" is any round after it.
  • A "match" is any full game of YTP Tennis.
  • Tennis "tournaments" are competitive matches, usually done on a bracket and voted by viewers on who did better.

Tennis Variants

There are many variants to the tennis format which have come and gone in popularity over the years.

  • A self tennis is a game where one player repoops their own videos over and over, rather than playing with someone else.
  • A doubles match is where two people work on the same video and then send it to two other people. These matches usually go for only four rounds rather than six. There are also triples matches which are quite rare.
  • Multiplied/Divided Time Tennis is a variant where each round must be double / half of the previous round length. Often you aren't allowed to add any sources which makes the later rounds quite challenging to respond to.
  • Multirender Tennis matches are matches that only use the multirender technique, creating a long chain of renders that lasts multiple videos.
  • A chain is a match where many people (10 or more, usually) will all make one round for a long match. An everyone chain involves an infinite amount of players responding to the original server before going to someone else.
  • A Panic Tennis is when you have very little time (usually 10 min - 1hour) to make each round.

Tennis Poopisms

Tennis uses the same techniques as YTP, however some work better than others in tennis particularly. Here are a few:


Scrambling is a popular way of making a round of YTP Tennis. It uses each frame (including audio) is put in a different place in a section (almost all frames used in the section). In some cases, each frame has a different visual and/or audio effect.



Round 7 of Myroprcessor vs McMANGOS, in a MTT match. Very famous for its YTPMV.

-YTP tennis--OLDSACKS vs VastareMetal

-YTP tennis--OLDSACKS vs VastareMetal

A well known Sid the Science Kid match.

YTPMV segments

Just like regular YTPMVs, these segments involve taking the source and making it into a song. It can be original, a pre-existing song, sparta remix, you name it!



An example of a multirender


A technique involving taking a short edited segment, rendering it separately, then editing that same segment again, rendering it again, and doing that over and over and over. At the end, you take all of the 'renders' and string them all together. While this technique looks cool, it can be boring to make and hard to respond to.

Sources Used

Tons of sources are used in tennis, here's a few!

Also, feel free to use a source not listed here, unique sources stand out!

  • Angry German Kid
  • CDI Cutscenes (Zelda, I. M. Meen, Hotel Mario, etc)
  • Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot
  • Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Peanut Butter Gamer
  • Windows Vista
  • BabyBus
  • Windows 7
  • Cocomelon
  • Little Angel
  • Morphle
  • Kids Diana Show
  • Pinkfong
  • Binki Kids
  • MissyMoo
  • Cry Babies Magic Tears
  • Windows Sources Video
  • Talking Tom Shorts

Popular Active Tennis Channels

  • Vidtens443
  • GameBop
  • Optimalistic
  • mrdoognoog
  • JJTonons
  • ClassicBirch / Luis Lima
  • CheeChee
  • DatCorrupterGuy
  • crazydude728
  • PoopTV
  • CamHead
  • SuperPoopBros
  • CharlieYDM KVCWP (YoshiDashMedia)

And lots more!!!


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