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Yo Faddah in a hot ride with Yo Momma... please wash your eyes, or Weegee will gonna rape you!

Yo Momma is the mother of You. It has been noted that Yo Momma is so fat she sat on an iPhone and turned it into an iPad and so ugly that people from New Orleans are giving her money.


Yo Momma was born in 1490, causing the note she's so old, that archaeologists from Wumbo University found ancient pottery in her vagina. In school she was often bullied because she looked like she had all the male members of Duck Dynasty in a headlock.

Eventually some retard (Yo Faddah) knocked her up. She then became so fat that she had two watches one for each time zone she was in. After nine thousand and onemonths she gave birth to You.

Today, Yo Momma is well known due to a lord sith, who always says jokes about Yo Momma.

Facts about Yo momma

  1. Yo Momma is so fat she can be seen from The Moon.
  2. Yo Momma is so ugly that when Weegee used his death stare at her it didnt do nothing and Weegee almost got crushed by Yo Momma.
  3. Yo Momma is so stupid, when she was hit by a cup, she ran to the cops and said she was mugged.
  4. The reason children in Africa dont have food is that Yo momma eats their food.
  5. Yo Momma is the reason dinosaurs got extinct because she ate them.
  6. Yo Momma is so ugly and fat, when she joined MySpace, everyone switched to Facebook.
  7. Yo Momma is the reason people went blind
  8. Yo Momma puts in McDonald's slide
  9. Yo Momma's so ugly, she brings onions to cry.
  10. Yo Momma is so ugly she made Dr. Robotnik go crazy.
  11. Yo Momma is so ugly that her inner beauty is enough to turn someone to stone.
  12. Yo Momma is so loud she broke over 9000 windows.
  13. Yo Momma is so fat she makes Russia look small in comparison.
  14. Yo Momma is so fat, Darth Vader couldn't force choke her.
  15. Yo Momma is so old, When she went to school, there was no History.
  16. Yo Momma is so greasy she used bacon as a band-aid!
  17. Yo Momma is so ugly, Bill Cosby won't rape her
  18. Yo Momma is so fat, she's the reason double doors were invented.
  19. Yo Momma is so fat, when she stepped on a scale, it said "to be continued".
  20. Yo Momma is so ugly, when she eats Goldfish, they have frowns.
  21. Yo Momma is so stupid, she thought seaweed was something that fish smoke.