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Grand Jedi Master, Yoda is. Among the oldest and most powerful known Jedi Masters in the Star Wars universe, Yoda is. About 66 cm tall standing at, a male member of a mysterious species Yoda was, not revealing details of which he did. A member of the Jedi Order for centuries, Yoda served as, a seat on the Jedi High Council eventually gaining, Grand Master of the Jedi before reigning as. Exponential skills in lightsaber combat he had, employing whirling and acrobatic Form IV techniques most commonly.

His wiseness due to, major playa as well he is. Troll anyone from GTA V to some freaking Rubix Cube most commonly. Beat anyone in a lightsaber duel with both of his hands behind his back, he can. For crap's sake, hotwire cars he can!

Beat Yoda, no one can. Beat Emperor Bill Cosby in a game of chess, he did. Beaten every Call of Duty game in existence, he has. Killed Herobrine with just a kick to the balls, he did. Beat up Fred Figglehorn just using his sentence mixing and his swag, he can.

However, one emperor yoda couldn't defeat was Darth Wallace, He wanted to confront him to stop him from going too far into the dark side, as in his mind, cheese leeds to stilton, stilton leads to cheddar, cheddar leads to suffering. it was close, but from a move he tried to do in self defense to stop him getting electrocuted to death repelled him off of the platform he was on and almost knocked off Wallace as well, but failed thanks to a grip near the edges, leaving Wallace victorious.