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Yoshi (Yoshipodicasaurus Homoerotica) is a dinosaur native to Yoshi's Island. He is good with his sticky tongue, egg producing (which, by the way is SUPER BADASS!!) and he is naturally in love with another type of gay dinosaur called Birdo .

He also reportedly likes playing Call of Duty online with his real deep morbid Russian voice.



Yoshi has proven to be one of the most loved characters in Mario series and the character himself is possibly one of the most iconic in poops and even stars in one of the most overpooped sources, that's right sources not sauces! the Mario episode, Mama Luigi.

Yoshi's Island

His natural habitat is on the fittingly named "Yoshi's Island". Yoshi's Island is an esoteric place, where clumsy storks roam while homosexuality, witchcraft and incest runs rampant. It also rains Italian children and toast. Yoshi's Island is also home to various strange forms of fauna and flora. These include pygmy aboriginals, and completely useless tomatoes with no function whatsoever. Yoshi locals have the propensity of being changed to a 2D, book-like state.

Since the start of the recorded history of Yoshi's Island, many inhabitants have emigrated to the Mushroom Kingdom, where any form of life can mount the back of a Yoshi without any thought, and start humping the crap out of the green dinosaur.

Yoshi cupcrake

Yoshi cupcrake is the deadly(100% badass) food made by Yoshi during his work in Scoopa Koopa. These are the secret ingredients:

  • It has Chuck Norris's hair which is what Yoshi was always looking for.
  • It has some butt buddy added by Yoko littner.

By far the most bad-ass food made in Mushroom Kingdom besides Sos and the most healthy too.

Tax Fraud



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