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"Mario, go fish!"
– You

Luigi addresses You.

You is a viewer of YouTube Poop, the best friend of I, the hero of YouTube Poop World, and the main protagonist of YouTube Poop. You, during Hotel Mario, helps Mario and Luigi at the insistence of the latter. Nobody is sure who You really is, but Mario apparently does as he trusts You enough to allow You to read the Enclosed Instruction Book. You has also been referred to as "the best player ever", whatever that means. You is a major part in the Blue's Clues series, "Blue's Clues & You".

Information About You

As noted above, You's very existence is a mystery even to the highest intellectuals of YouTube Poop Wiki who still remain baffled by it. Take anything below with a grain of salt.

You is generally believed to be a preteen to whom You's parents unwisely granted access to the internet. Any time that isn't spent at school or sleeping is wasted on video games and the iPhone. You's social life is believed to consist mostly of people on the internet who You regularly discusses various topics with. It is unknown if You has a girlfriend/boyfriend, but it is unlikely.

According to Wumbo University, You may have mental retardation. It's either that or You is just very stupid. It's most likely to be both.

You On This Wiki

From what we have gathered, You can be found on this very wiki. You can be seen vandalizing pages, creating pointless/unhelpful categories, shitposting in the comments section, and complaining about an article's content. If You happens to be reading this, we can only ask You to GTFO of here before we whoop his sorry ass.




  • You once slipped and slided on one of Robbie Rotten's banana peels and fell into The CORE.
  • You has suffered from every diseases and viruses on this wiki and yet, still survived.
  • The two above can be explained by the fact that You is a ghost.
  • You has never appeared in a YouTube Poop.
  • You got to help us.

(this all makes no sense because you repesents a figure)