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In the mid 00's, some strange videos surfaced on YouTube, consisting of clips from old cartoons being humorously remixed. Naturally, this caught on quickly as it was picked up by others, giving birth the the latest YouTube fad, YouTube Poop. The nature of these videos evolved over time, with new "pooping" techniques being introduced to make YouTube Poop a unique experience always full of surprises. This was fine and dandy until...

Some particular fans agreed that YouTube Poop is a serious thing that should not be handled lightly and came together to form the official YTP discussion board, YouChew.

This was the beginning of many misadventures... including loads of YTP mayhem.

The YTP Authority

By calling themselves the official community for YTP discussion, the denizens of YouChew got the feeling that YTP required a set of instructions to be done properly and it was their duty to establish the many commandments of top quality pooping. These commandments were very specific, like what sources you should and shouldn't use, what memes you should and shouldn't use, and even pinpoint advisement on when you should make Robotnik should say PINGAS. Any deviation from YouChew's instructions was met with extreme ridicule. This held true for the Vanilla Forum version of YouChew.

By early 2008, some current YouChew members broke away from the regular site to form Planet Freedom (getting it's name from a Sonic movie) in which they thought anyone should not be looked down upon for choosing whatever source they decided was right.

Later in the year, the admin of the former YouChew resigned, and the people who started Planet Freedom changed the service provider for the forums and re-opened the forum. While there may still be some people against certain sources, it's not nearly as prominent as before.

No one can resist the call of a Spadinner joke after all...not even you!

The Everyday Drama

You would think that a discussion board about a very narrow subject would have very little trouble with trolling, elitism, and attention whoring, but that's not quite the case with YouChew, not quite.

YouChew was always a hotspot for slap fights over stupid stuff, members threatening to leave over stupid stuff, and people getting banned over stupid stuff. Stupid stuff, 70% of the time, actually meant personal drama between members. That's no surprise, but the best part is that these piss fights often extended beyond the borders of YouChew and even over into places like Tumblr.

Once all the crazy forum memebers are weeded out, the place is less of a circus than it can be. They just go back to arguing over the important stuff like stones and footballs...

Alt Left Wing Politics

YouChew staff were known for being extremely politically correct. If you leaned anywhere to the right of the political spectrum, or even identified yourself as a centrist, they would ban you on the spot claiming that you're a fascist. They would also bully, harass and dehumanize users who supported Trump or the republican party.

You'd think that a forum dedicated to YouTube Poop would not judge people according to their political opinions, but that was what YouChew did. Many people have been defamed, attacked, and harassed by YouChew staff for not being on the very far extreme left wing of the political spectrum.


Want to know about that joke that frequently shows up in videos? Or even about the technique that makes "Firetruck" sound like the F word? Well, they got you covered! It's filled to the brim with information on YouTube Poop Characters, sources, and creators. All with a disturbing eye for details.

Gee, I'm sure glad we're not one of those wikis...

YouChew shutting down, TWICE.

On September 30th, 2018, YouChew shut down because of controversy and several dramatic events over the years that surrounded the name. Over a year later around November 2019, the people of YouChew tried to make a comeback and designed a new version of the YouChew forums. Most members joined in the first week of February 2020 when staff announced YouChew's return while still in its beta stage. It went public on April 1st, 2020, but thanks to more controversy including a sponsorship with MAGIX (the people who own Vegas Pro), political drama most notably from a Fox News article on COVID-19, and an all of a sudden new owner, the YouChew reboot was shut down only 10 days later along with Chewiki on April 11th, 2020.