YouTube Poop Wiki

YouTube Money is a type of money in the format of American Dollars. It is gained when uploading videos on YouTube when 'it is your own content' and there is no 'copyright infringement'. Most of these rules about copyright have been made by a stupid company called Viacom.

How to gain YouTube Money

To gain YouTube Money, you must upload videos that fall under the guidelines of these rules, sponsored by Viashit:

  1. It must be your own content.

It seems like a simple rule, but Viacrap had made everything under their own property. In order to gain proper YouTube Money, you must sign an agreement made to take down your video or take some of your profit. Most of the time, you're not there, so they steal your signature and take it down without a fuck.

Money gain rates

One view is worth 0.000000001 microcents. If you have 2 billion views, you only get less than a dollar. If the video is copyrighted by Viacom, you earn $-10000000000000 dollars.

Retrieving Money

To get your 'earned' YouTube Money, you must go to a bank on Black Friday. There is a long queue. If you don't withdraw it before midnight, your money is forfeited and the value is multiplied by 1 billion.