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YouTube Poop or commonly known as YTP for short, is a method of video editing, which became more popular as the success of the video portal, YouTube, grew. As it became the most popular video uploading website ever, it was only natural that these strange creations would be posted, and though they are now created for humor, they were originally upIoaded as an in-joke between a group of friends. To make them, all one really requires is some downloaded video and a video editor, although other things can aIso be added such as music and memes.

The definition of "YouTube Poop" is often disputed amongst fans of its creations and creators. For example, in Rocketboom's "Know Your Meme" series (Weegee episode, 7 August 09), they stated that "YouTube Poop are clips of cartoons and other assorted junk strung together to form nonsensical moving images on YouTube."

YouTube Poop season updates every year, currently as of 2020, Season 15.

How it's Made

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YouTube Poop is a series of videos made by multiple Youtubers which consists of sources such as cartoons, TV shows, movies, video games, advertisements, etc. The Poopers, or YouTubers that specialize in making YTP content, put these sources in video editing software such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere and mess around with it to create something that is usually nonsensical and random. There are a number of fads and subtypes of poop (story-based, SpaDinner, etc.), but many of them revolve around these principles.

It is generally agreed, however, that "YouTube Poop" does not refer to YouTube Poop sources set to music a la AMVs.

History of YouTube Poop

YouTube originated with the YouTuber SuperYoshi, who was using Windows Movie Maker that, at the time, was a new editing software that come with a new installation of Windows XP and Windows NT 5.0. SuperYoshi tested the new software by using the episode "Recycled Koopa" from the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon. The result would be a video using a few clips from the episode that often repeated and were used randomly, much like the YTP content that would follow soon after. On December 22, 2004, the test was posted as a video on his SheezyArt page, titled "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Remixed." The video would receive positive reception, leading SuperYoshi and his friend RetroJape to collaborate on similar "remixes" using both the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon and later Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The first three YTPs that would officially be posted to YouTube later on would be I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL, Dr. Light's Guidance System Show, and Robotnik's Sodomy Fest of 2005.

The term of "YouTube Poop" was coined by YouTuber Yaminomalex, who described what he did with his friends as "uploading poop to YouTube." The term was heavily criticized by a few members of the YouTube community, going so far as having some of them try to change it all together. Despite this backlash, the term stuck and shaped YTP to what it is today.

There are multiple precursors to what would become YTP found throughout various media. The earliest example of "proto-YTP" is the Warner Brothers cartoon Daffy Duck in Hollywood, made in 1938. The "movie" (an edited film reel) that was created by Daffy and shown at the climax of the short displays many characteristics of YTP content such as reversing clips, overdubbing, and so on. A more bizarre example comes from an attack advertisement made by Richard Nixon against Hurbert Humphrey during the 1968 presidential campaign. This ad bears a more surprising similarity to what would be used for modern and early YTP conventions. YTPs themselves can also be compared to the Dada movement, which was a World War I response that rejected common rationality.

With the increase in popularity of YTPs shifting from videos solely made to confuse others (which was the original intention of YTP) to more modern changes such as adding stories to YTP and the growing use of more advanced software in later years.

Other Language YTPs

The latin american counterpart of YouTube Poop

Despite YTP being a primarily English phenomena, there are multiple YTPs that are made in other languages.

These YTPs, though still a part of the YTP community, are yet to be officially recognized among the English side of YTP. In spite of this, many of these YTPs formed memes that are used in their respective sides and continue to exist today.


Variations of YTPs (Note: Those variations mostly exists in other languages):

  • YTPMV (Youtube Poop Music Video)
  • YTP Tennis (Youtube Poop Tennis)

How To Make "YouTube Poops"


YouTube Poop Tutorial The Basics and What to Avoid

A 14-minute homemade tutorial on how to make "YouTube Poops" by MoBrosStudios himself.

See the wiki article Poopisms and the tutorial (shown above) by MoBrosStudios. These links will definitely help you make your YouTube Poops today.

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