Users with Rights are users who are granted more abilities than most users, they are usually more trusted amongst the community.


Bureaucrats have all the ability of admins, plus the ability to make users admins, chat mods, and Rollbacks.

Admins have the ability to ban users, delete pages, and overall manage the wiki. All bureaucrats have admin abilities, so they will not be tagged with this.

Mini Admins are users who have Rollback, chat mod, and mod abilities.

Moderator abilities include deletion/restoration of forum thread and user threads. All Admins have Rollback abilities, so admins will not be tagged with this.

Users with Rollback can undo multiple edits by a user the the last edit by another user. All Admins have Rollback abilities, so admins will not be tagged with this.

Chatmods are those who are supposed to be moderators on our Discord server.


User Comment Activity Type
Bramble.exe Promoted due to inactivity of other staff members Semi-Active Bureaucrat
Alfonso720 Was voted by the community to be an admin Active Bureaucrat
Edd Shwartz Voted by the community after Nepism's retirement. Active Admin
Elder Creator of the Dimension Warriors. Semi-Active Mini Admin
YouDontKnowSponge The community voted him to be a Rollback Semi-Active Rollback

Inactive Users with Rights:

User Comment Activity Type
Nepism Longtime admin, retired in 2018. Inactive Bureaucrat
Comrade SS Very helpful when it comes to undoing vandalism Inactive Admin
AwesomeSeaCucumber Wiki OG. Can be considered one of the wiki's founding fathers. Inactive Bureaucrat
HoubkneghteS Was originally an admin but resigned due to inactivity Inactive Chatmod
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