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The YouTube Poop World, a.k.a YTP World is a magical place in which every YouTube Poop character lives. It now takes up about half of YouTube. This world is the setting for all poops. It is largely owned by Hyrule, part of which is an undersea town called Bikini Bottom. Another small portion is owned the Mushroom Kingdom, a smaller kingdom nearby.  Another section is ruled by a nearby planet called Planet Mobius.  Among all three of these realms exist many, many other, smaller cities, towns, and villages that are taken up by the less popular YTP characters.


Nobody knows exactly how this strange world was created, but it was formed by The Great Mighty Poo, Weegee, and the other Gods of YTP millions of years ago. After a long battle with Robotnik's ancestors, the Weegee and the gods left the planet but returned many years later to bring back the poop again. It was also said that the YTP World was created by a joint effort between Rick Grimes, Mobius and Hyrule after Earth fell to Walkers.

After being banished and trapped in his own world by Conker, TGMP noticed his world was empty and formed his master plan; merge every universe with his own and create one world of his own.

Unfortunately, due to being flushed, he was unable to leave the pit, having no outside influence. Years later, Cyrus mysteriously found himself face to face with TGMP after trying to disrupt the flow of space and time. TGMP cut him a deal; use his knowledge to help the literal sack of crap's cause, and he will rule the YTP World since TMGP can't physically enter it.

Viacom Invasion and later withdrawal

The YouTube Poop world was attacked by Viacom. Many tried to stop Viacom's devilish plot, but the Illuminati, the Commies, and the Teletubbies assisted Viacom not knowing that they will die in the end. Ultimately Viacom withdrew from YouTube Poop world after coming to a settlement with YouTube and acquiring VidCon.

Current State

YouTube Poop world is currently under threat by Google but so far Google has not taken any major action against YouTube Poop.

Also for some dumb reason that no one cares about, everyone (Except Epic Pikachu) keeps going to war against eachother.

YouTube Poop Worlds

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