The Super Smash Bros YTP Collab

The Super Smash Bros YTP Collab. YTP Collab

Example of a Youtube Poop Collab.

A Youtube Poop Collab is a video composed of several short YouTube Poops created by various individual poopers. Youtube Poop Collabs can last as long as 20-45 minutes. Youtube Poop collabs rarely last over 50 Minutes - or even 1 hour. Many of the Youtube Poop collabs created gain views and subscribers.

Example of a YTP Collab

One of the most popular Youtube Poop Collabs is Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse Catastrophe, which was made by Yoshimaniac, a popular modern day pooper. In the video, 20 talented Youtube Poopers, big and small joined forces to poop the episode "Mickey Go Seek" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

A popular Youtube Poop Collab host, Schafrillas, makes the best and has the most Youtube Poop Collabs. He has made 6 Collabs: Super Mario Odyssey, Arthur, Chowder, Shiny, Robot Chicken & Star Wars, and Super Smash Bros.

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