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YouTube Poop The Movie is a Dark fantasy adventure film made by the Posthumous.

"A YouTube Poop movie??? Oh man! That's awesome!!!

It was set to live up the legacy of YTP videos, and make some references from other YTP Videos.

The Movie is set to be a pilot of a upcoming YTP Series, that would eventually come out after the movie.

The film is a parody of toy story 2 and star wars.


The Movie begins with woody happy to see Andy back early from cowboy camp. As Andy plays with woody for a short time, he realizes that woody's arm is ripped. He starts to act strange and says that he doesn't want to play with woody anymore then drops woody to the cards. Woodys falls through a dimension full of falling cards, then the ps2 red screen of death. Then the scene cuts to woody waking up screaming, revealing it to be a nightmare. Woody falls into a depression, worrying that one day andy would give him up. due to andy accidently ripping his arm. Buzz and the other toys went on to check on woody to see if he's okay, but woody just ignores them. The scene cuts to the Chum Bucket with Plankton making his final plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula, by building a new duplicatotron to create more robots after the old one is destroyed. As he activates the duplicatotron, he realizes that something is not quite right with his new machine. Instead of making robots, it creates a large portal that leads to the center of the universe. It is revealed that Karen reprogrammed the machine into a Dimensional doorway. Plankton angred by this, decided to enter through the portal to check on it. He travels through the center of the universe, and meets a mysterious entity being accidentally awoken from his slumber. In the next day, woody meets with wheezy the penguin who is about to get thrown away, due to his broken squeaker. Wheezy also fell into a depression about being thrown away, and accepted his fate. Telling woody about the yardsell, woody warned everyone in the room about the yardsell. Until they herd Andy's mom coming to the room. They hide into their spaces, as Andy's mom enters the room, takes away a few stuff that andy doesn't want anymore, and she grabs wheezy as well. Woody still suffering from his anxiety of being thrown away by andy, doesn't want wheezy to be thrown away. He rides on buster (Andy's pet dog) to rescue wheezy. They saved wheezy from the yardsell, while the other toys are watching from the window. Woody was accidentally knocked off of buster. And then, the same entity flies from the sky, and captures woody. Buzz Lightyear tries to chase the creature but was hit by a mysterious man. The toys watched in shock of this, and wondered where the creature came from and took woody? The scene cuts to SpongeBob and patrick playing robot toys. They get bored with the toys, and Patrick cames up with a idea by bringing his "magic wishing shell" to make a wish for real robots to play with them. In the next morning, SpongeBob woke up and is excited to play with actual robots, but saw his house getting trashed down. Unknown to him, it was the evil entity Azathoth and his army of robots who was responsible for trashing his house, and are about to make there next move.



This is the posthumous' first full length YTP Feature Film produced in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Movie is (if not) the first YTP to feature a Lovecraftian character.

Despite the PG-13 rating, There were a few moments where blood and gore where shown at the film.

Azathoth is the first lovecraftian character to be an antagonist in a YTP.

The Movie is intended to be a Toy Story 2 parody, but was set in a darker tone.

Not only is the movie a pilot to the upcoming youtube poop series, but it is also the first chapter of the YTP Extended Universe.

It is the only YTP Movie to not to feature any sonic characters, instead the master emerald was featured in the film to be the only thing that can kill Azathoth.

The film take place somehow before the events of sonic adventure.

According to the film, The master emerald and the chaos emeralds were created by the Outer gods, the master emerald's true purpose is to destroy Azathoth. While the chaos emeralds were used as Nyarlathotep's essence.

The Film not only takes place before the events of sonic adventure, but it also takes place after the events of star wars a new hope.

The film makes some references to other YTP Videos, Bo Katan's death parodies hamm's death in buzz gets covid-19.

Even though chaos and Tikal were never shown at the film, sev references them when he was telling spongebob the prophecy of Azathoth's death.


Sheriff Woody Pride (The main protagonist of the film)

Buzz lightyear (The deuteragonist of the film)

Lena De Spell\saberwing

Slinky Dog


Stinky Pete the Prospector



Mr. Potato head

Spongebob squarepants

Patrick star


Azathoth (the main antagonist of the film and woody's arch-nemesis)

General Grievous (the main secondary antagonist of the film)

Mr. Krabs (one of the three secondary antagonists of the film)

Jagar Tharn

Sandy cheeks

Squidward Tentacles

Sheldon j. Plankton


Hydra king

Kratos (Flashback)

Captain Rex

Commander Cody


Karen (The central antagonist of the film)

Baron Ruber (The quintary antagonist of the film)

Weapon fused-monsters

Battle droids


Ahsoka Tano (The tertiary antagonist)

Venom Symbiote

Ezra Bridger

Sabine wren


Kanan Jarrus

Hera syndulla


Asaj Ventress


Tuan We

Captain Fordo

Della Duck

Scrooge Mcduck

Donald Duck (picture, only)