Zeldanon is Princess Zelda & Ganon's mutant daughter from The Epic Quest Series.


Zeldanon was mentioned in the end of the third installment and finally makes her debut in King's Epic Quest: Path of Fate. In Link's Epic Quest, during the day of King Harkinian's will, she got herself money for crack and later her father Ganon wants her to keep an eye on Link and Luigi. The gay couple are having a party one night before the wedding, and Zeldanon poison a beer in a table, than makes accidentally to Ganon die. When Mama Luigi (emo luigi) go to the bathroom he confess very sad his plan, than is recorded by Zeldanon, when he will get married. Zeldanon enter in the church to stop the wedding revelating than Luigi (According to zeldanon) is not gay, showing to the audience his confession recorded in a DVD resource, and lead Peach enter to the altar to speak to luigi; and she makes "more evident" than luigi is not gay telling him than she was waiting him in the bed, but Zeldanon, Impa, Sonic, Tails and Peach die by AIDS in a few seconds (and maybe everybody of 'em had sex one with each other) and Link discover Zeldanon's gender, but with all of this Link refuse to marry Luigi, and he shots him in the head, and Kissing him in his mouth, and this LOVELESS union create the Chaos Heart, which Luigi transform into Super Dimentio and destroy the Hyrule Church.